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   Ramiel Givergis Rashidi

Brief intro...

Photography is one of my passions which keeps me light hearted, joyful, and motivated. Primarily I make a living running a well established small business Global Systems Consulting which is an Internet Hosting and Managed Services company where I also host this web site on. If you like my work, and you are interested to have me photograph for you, please free to contact me.

What is your background and general experience?

I've been photographing constantly since 1996. I started with a Sony DSC-707 and moved on to Canon Digital SLR with professional series lenses. I've also been reading books and many web sites on photography. I subscribe to online photography forums, meet with other photographers and share our hobby.

Through the years, I've been asked to photograph cultural events, business locations, automobiles, erotic female photography (lighting), standard portraits, and children.

I would like to do more cultural events, and get into photographing commercial items like food, or gadgets.
Who are some of the people you have worked with, who can also serve as references?

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